Fits All 12" Models
• Extend the Life of Your Child's Bike 
• For Older, Advanced Riders, Ages 3+
• Provides Excellent Traction; Sold in Pairs


Heavy-Duty Wheel Set

  • If you are ready to increase your rider's speed and traction, then this heavy-duty pneumatic wheel is the ticket! The tread pattern on the tires is great for on- or off-road use and the added traction is definitely noticeable. This upgrade is a great way to breathe new life in your child's bike and keep your young rider excited about riding. Recommended for advanced riders ages 3+ due to added weight of the tire. Combine the Heavy-Duty Wheel Set with the XL Handlebar and XL Padded Seat to create the ultimate ride for your growing child! Sold in pairs.


    • Pneumatic Wheel Set

    • 12 x 1.75

    • 1.63 kg (3.6 lbs)