Officially Licensed Motocycle Models of Strider 12 Sport.

Honda®, Suzuki®, KTM®, and Husqvarna®

Strider 12 Licensed Balance Bike

  • Building on the worldwide success of the original STRIDER bike, the new Honda licensed STRIDER balance bike enables children as young as 18 months to begin their love of all things two-wheeled.


    Designed, manufactured and distributed by Strider Sports Int'l, Inc.



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    Available in the U.S. only



    “KTM has invested in young motorcycle riders for many years with our large line-up of minicycles, and now, with the KTM STRIDER we can welcome riders into the KTM Family at a much younger age. We believe wholeheartedly that learning to ride on a STRIDER will develop strong riding skills and have kids Ready To Race when they graduate to our minis.” - Jon-Erik Burleson, President KTM North America, Inc.