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Frequently asked questions

Where can I purchase your products?

You can pick up STRIDER® Bikes locally at Bonita Baby in Hagatna or Cycles Plus in Maite. Purchase can also be made here on our site for pickup at our office or location of convenience.

Which model bike do I get for my child?

What is a balance bike and why aren't there any training wheels?

STRIDER® the worlds leading manufacturer of balance bikes and has created a very simple bike designed to teach young children as young as 18 months old how to steer and balance on 2 wheels by removing the awkward, clunky mess of training wheels and pedals using just foot propulsion. This allows them to learn fundamentals of riding at an extremely early age. Once mastered, the transition to a bicycle with pedals or a motorcycle is easily accomplished without ever having to use training wheels. Typically children that learn how to ride a Strider are able to learn how to ride a pedal bike 2-to-3 years sooner than kids struggling with training wheels.

What makes a Strider® 12 better than other balance bikes?

1.) Strider is the brand that started the balance bike segment that was designed in a garage in 2006 by Ryan McFarland of Rapid City, South Dakota (USA). 2.) Striders are the lightest bikes onthe market. 3.) They have more adjustabilty and the lowest seat settings to acommodate a toddler as young as 18 months and can be used till he/she is 5-1/2 years old. 4.) A rocker base is available to get an infant started as young as 6 months of age. 5.) EVA foam tires mean you never have to worry about filling them up with air. 6.) Strider is probably the only balance bike that has aftermarket support. (Custom parts)

Does the Strider® come with pedals?

The Strider® 14x Sport the larger model, designed for children 3 - 7 yrs old is a 2-in-1 bike. It comes with a pedal kit once your child is ready and has mastered balancing on 2 wheels, it converts to a bicycle so you don't need to buy one.