1yr old Miseha trying out the Strider 12 Sport at the GFA Harmon Field.
Strider was designed to be the best way for toddlers to learn to ride by walking

A Strider Balance Bike is the best first bike and is confidence inspiring for a child who has only been walking for a short time. If your child can walk, they can ride a Strider! A child can now learn how to ride a bike on a Strider as early as 18 months. No more tricycles, No more training wheels. When the fundamentals of balance and steering are mastered, transitioning to a bicycle with pedals or motorcycle is easy.

The truth about training wheels: They don't teach balance and actually necessitate the child to counter steer in order to turn. They'll have to completely relearn when taking them off. Strider riders can start as early as 18 months and move onto a pedal bike (never having used side wheels) by 4! The means of propulsion don't matter...balance is the key to success and fun!